• Are there any side effects associated with FIR products?

    No major side effects have been associated with FIR products. Other treatments for impotence have noted facial flushing and headaches. None of these can be associated with FIR products.

  • Does this product come with any guarantee?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with any FIR products within 30 days, there is a risk-free money back guarantee where you will be able to return the product for a full refund minus a $35 restocking fee.

  • Is FIR safe?

    Yes, there have been no findings that FIR is harmful physically or mentally. In fact, it is so safe that many US hospitals use FIR to warm newborn infants.

  • Can I wear FIR Products all day long?

    FIR products can be worn every day and even while you sleep. We recommend that you take breaks each day to maintain a healthy balance. Wearing briefs instead of boxer shorts will help prevent OQ Ring from sliding off. And please be sure to remove the OQ Ring when passing through a security checkpoint/metal detector.

  • How do FIR products work?

    See the How it Works page.

  • It’s my first time trying the OQ Ring and I feel a slight discomfort. Is this normal?

    Yes, slight discomfort is perfectly normal. For most men with erectile dysfunction, the penis is not conditioned to the rapid increase of blood flow and capacity. Accordingly, stress is put on the lining of the penis, and that is the discomfort you feel. But don’t worry. After about the third day, the lining of the penis should be strong enough to handle the increase in volume and you should feel no discomfort at all.
    **DO NOT use OQ Ring with any other male enhancement products.**
    Pills, patches, and creams work chemically to erect the penis. Combining other products with the OQ Ring will drastically multiply its effects and cause an extremely serious problem. Please refrain from doing so.
    If you experience severe discomfort, your ring is most likely too small and you can send it back for an exchange. If you have trouble removing your ring, place a q-tip in your ear and swab around. You should quickly become flaccid.

  • How is this product going to affect my sexual experience?

    The OQ Ring has been proven to enhance many important aspects of the male sexual experience. Heightened arousal, improved sexual drive, fuller and longer erections, increase in ejaculant, and an overall improved sexual experience.

  • Why should I choose OQ Ring over other male enhancement products?

    The ever so popular male “enhancement pills” may not be as harmless as some may think. Frequent use may cause cardiac problems, leave painful erections that last for days, and in some cases, even lead to death.