Far Infrared



Forces at Work

  • Far Infrared

    FIR’s thermal properties dilate blood vessels and resonate water molecules to improve blood flow, pressure, and viscosity.

  • Tourmaline

    This unique mineral is a natural source of FIR and negative ions. Tourmaline is known to increase circulation and eliminate toxins.

  • Magnetism

    Magnetic therapy is believed to regulate blood pH, balance energy fields, and increase oxygen flow within your body.

  • Titanium

    Titanium ionizing effects promote a balanced electrical current in your body. It is hypoallergenic and will last you a lifetime.

Powered by Light

The Sun’s electromagnetic spectrum consists of seven frequency bands.

The OQ Ring utilizes the longest waves in the infrared spectrum called Far Infrared (FIR). It is a purely thermal energy and what we perceive as radiant heat.

FIR’s wavelength allows it to reach up to 1.5 inches from our skin down to subcutaneous tissues. The spectrum has been shown to stimulate and promote the health of cells. Even levels of FIR that do not create detectable heat produce biological effects.

Human bodies naturally emit FIR in the form of blackbody radiation. This energy is transferred to the OQ Ring which acts as a “perfect absorber.” This allows the OQ Ring to maintain a stable temperture and emit FIR back to the user.

Poor blood flow is the main cause of ED.

Disease and unhealthy lifestyles cause the normally smooth lining of our arteries to become roughened by deposits of fat, fibrin, calcium and cellular debris. The arteries’ ability to expand and contract is significantly hindered. The narrowed channels slow blood flow and make it easier for blood clots to form. Fats and toxins also become trapped inside water molecules (our bodies are 70% water), and a buildup further worsens blood flow.

FIR’s thermal effects dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow by resonating water molecules. Vibrational and rotational forces are exerted on the molecules to weaken their ionic bonds. The molecule cluster sizes are reduced, and toxins are released as the breakdown occurs. Blood pressure and viscosity are improved resulting in a better circulation. For more info, see biological effects and medical applications.

01 Unhealthy lifestyles cause toxins to become trapped in water molecules

02 Blood vessels narrow as toxins build up and hinder blood flow

03 FIR’s thermal energy is able to resonate and vibrate water molecules

04 Molecules breakdown into smaller clusters and toxins are released

05 Blood vessels are dialated, blood flow, pressure, and viscosity are improved

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